Daily Scripture

Welcome to a profound and purposeful year-log journey – a dedicated exploration of the New Testament designed to foster a deeper connection with god through an intimate understanding of Jesus Christ. At God’s Feeding Station, we embark on a transformative study, immersing ourselves in the teachings, parables, and life of Jesus to cultivate a richer, more meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father.

As we journey through the New Testament together, the goal is clear; to grow closer to God by unraveling the layers of wisdom, compassion, and grace found in the words and actions of Jesus. Each day presents an opportunity to delve into the scriptures, gaining insights that resonate with our lives and guide us on a path of spiritual growth.

The year-long commitment is more than a study; it’s an intentional pursuit of a deeper connection with God, an exploration of the profound impact Jesus had on the world, and an invitation to let that impact resonate in our lives today.

Join us on this transformative expedition, and let the New Testament be a guiding light as we seek to grow closer to God through the timeless teachings of His son, Jesus, the Christ.

Welcome to a year of spiritual discovery, growth, and renewal.