Welcome to God’s Feeding Station Prayers, a sacred space where the timeless words of C. H. Spurgeon’s prayers converge with the heartfelt requests from our community. In this unique sanctuary, we blend the profound wisdom of Spurgeon’s prayers with the intimate aspirations and needs shared by our listeners.

As we delve into C. H. Spurgeon’s collection, we embark on a journey of spiritual communion and reflection. His eloquent expressions of devotion and supplication serve as a foundation for our collective prayers. These words, resonating through time, become a bridge connecting us to the rich tradition of Christian prayer.

We also invite you to actively participate by submitting your own prayer requests. Share your aspirations, concerns, and hopes through the Resources tab on the God’s Feeding Station App or by emailing the Feeding Station at By doing so, you contribute to a dynamic tapestry of shared prayers, forming a community woven together by the threads of faith.

Join us in this sacred dialogue, where C. H. Spurgeon’s prayers meet the heartfelt petitions of our community. May this space be a source of comfort, inspiration, and a reminder that, in prayer, we find a powerful connection to God and to each other.